• Nested as Set of 9 Hand-lathed bowls, these paper thin vessels are made out of “Rohida’ wood of India. These monk bowl measures from 2.50” inches up to 6.75” inches (D).

  • Also called as ‘BhikshaPatra’, this beautifully refined Jain monk bowl is hand-lathed in Rajasthan by the Kharadi Muslims. This is still used by the Jain monks to have meals in it. The white-robed monks renounce all worldly possessions and in a journey of humility travel by foot with their bowls seeking followers who can provide them with food. One can treasure it or gift it as a souvenir.

  • This handmade bowl is paper thin and requires precise technique which these rare craftsmen have mastered through their involvement in this woodcraft over a period of last few decades. Made from local “Rohida’ wood, it is known for its dense grain and strength.This product supports and empowers Kharadi Muslim artisan community of India. It preserves the rare craft of Patra making in India.

  • This exceptionally handcrafted bowl not only endows the user to experience the humility of Jain monks but also entails a sense of harmony and goodwill that these different religious communities have easily assembled.

  • Quality satisfaction and timely delivery are assured for this handcrafted artifact. Use this fragile bowl with care for only dry edible items. Though this bowl comes finished with olive oil, we recommend you to continue oiling the wood with any cooking oil to keep its strength and color before and after use.


Rohida Wood

1.50 Kilograms

Length: 2.50 Width: 2.50 Height 1.80 Inches

Fragile, handle with care. Used for dry edible items only. Oil it with any cooking oil before and after each use.

We ship your order within two days.

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