• Made of leather and wood, this South Indian tambourine instrument called Kanjeera measures 6.5" inches in diameter and 2.5" inches in height.

  • A handheld percussion of South India, the Kanjira, Khanjira or Ganjira, is a frame drum of the tambourine family. As a folk and bhajan instrument, it has been used for many centuries in India. The Kanjira consists of a circular frame made of the wood. It is covered on one side with a drumhead made of goatskin, while the other side is left open. The frame has a single slit which contains three to four small metal discs that jingle when the Kanjira is played.

  • This handmade percussion drum instrument has been crafted by skilled artisans from India. Played to invoke spiritual energy, this product is highly durable & corrosion resistant. This handcrafted Kanjeera will remain the same for years to come.

  • This product supports and empowers a landless Hindu artisan community of India. It preserves the rare craft of making handmade instruments in India.

  • Quality satisfaction and timely delivery are assured for this handcrafted artifact.


    Leather ,Iron and Wood

    300.00 Grams

    Length: 6.50 Width: 6.50 Height 2.50 Inches

    Leather may loose it's grip with the instrument base in a colder climate, expose it to strong sunlight or heat to tighten it again.

    We ship your order within two days.

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