• Made with 100% Kansa(bronze), this cymbal percussion instrument called Manjeera measures 2" inches in diameter and 2" inches in height.

  • A handheld instrument of India, this indigenous Kansa manjeera is the most common accompaniment for renditions of devotional music and chants. Manjeera is an easy playing instrument that consists of two bronze cymbals tied together with a braided string for the player to hold the pair with both hands and produce a tinkling sound. Use them as a part of your meditation or spiritual experience. One can treasure it or gift it as a souvenir.

  • This handmade cymbal instrument has been crafted by skilled artisans from India. Played to invoke spiritual energy, this product is Earth-friendly, highly durable & corrosion resistant. This handcrafted cymbal will remain the same for decades to come.

  • Manjeera is an ancient instrument, which finds mention in old hymns as well as depiction on age-old temple walls. It has always been a part of devotional ‘Aarti’s sung in prayer and praise to the Gods, and its variants have found popularity by different names in different parts of the country. This product supports and empowers a landless Hindu artisan community called 'Thathera' of Rajasthan. It preserves the rare craft of casting bronze metal in India.

  • Quality satisfaction and timely delivery are assured for this handcrafted artifact.



    200.00 Grams

    Length: 2.00 Width: 2.00 Height 2.00 Inches

    Fragile, handle with care.

    We ship your order within two days.

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