• Made of 100% brass and pure leather, this two-headed percussion instrument called Damru measure 6" inches in diameter and 8" inches in length.

  • A handheld percussion of India, this indigenous brass damru is a delight to not just musicians, but also to the ones who appreciate it. A traditional sound modulator drum, it produces mid-frequency sounds and rhythms. This gold burnished indigenous instrument can also be used for personal decor. One can treasure it or gift it as a souvenir.

  • This hand beaten brassware instrument has been crafted by skilled artisans from India. Played to invoke spiritual energy, Damru is also known as a power drum. This product is Earth-friendly, highly durable & corrosion resistant. This handcrafted percussion will remain the same for decades to come.

  • This brass and animal hide drum is a two-headed percussion common in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is widely associated with Lord Shiva and can be heard during festivities and religious occasions in rural India. This antique instrument is almost on the verge of extinction due to lack of its artisans. This product supports and empowers a landless Hindu artisan community called 'Thathera' of Rajasthan. It preserves the rare craft of hand hammering metal in India.

  • Quality satisfaction and timely delivery are assured for this handcrafted artifact. In case leather loses its grip on the instrument base, expose it to strong sunlight or heat to tighten it again.


    Brass and Animal Hide

    900.00 Grams

    Length: 6.00 Width: 6.00 Height 8.00 Inches

    Leather may loose it's grip with the instrument base in a colder climate, expose it to strong sunlight or heat to tighten it again.

    We ship your order within two days.

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