• Made of copper scrap, iron, and wood, this Indian percussion instrument called bell scale idiophone measure 24.0" by 8.0” by 6.0” inches (LWH).

  • A traditional xylophone, with origins in Africa and Asia, consists of copper plated bells of varying lengths with each bell is tuned to a specific musical note. This interesting variation contains bells in various sizes mounted on a wooden board that sets on a flat surface to play. The bells differ in size and scale so each of them will produce a different sound when they are hit with the wooden mallet. One can treasure it or gift it as a souvenir.

  • This xylophone, made mostly from recycled scrap metal, is handcrafted by metal artisans of Gujarat, India.

  • This product supports and empowers artisan landless community of India. It preserves the rare craft of making handmade instruments in India.

  • Quality satisfaction and timely delivery are assured for this handcrafted artifact.


    Bell Metal & Wood

    3,500.00 Grams

    Length: 24.00 Width: 8.00 Height 6.00 Inches

    Fragile, handle with care.

    We ship your order within two days.

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