Call of the Soul

Call of the Soul

Raza Khan is Sufi singer, musician, and composer who lives a simple life despite his musical genius. He was born in Batala (Punjab) and started learning music at the age of 7 under Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan, who belongs to Sham Chourasi Gharana, a five hundred-year-old musical tradition from Hoshiarpur, Punjab (a state in northern India). Raza Khan is also an exponent of the Mausiki Gharana tradition. His ancestors were related to Tansen, one of the greatest exponents of Hindustani classical music. Raza Khan displays an extraordinary vocal range that parallels the accompaniment of the harmonium regardless of the upper or lower range it may exceed to. He makes the transition from modular vocals to falsetto with ease and his vocal style is characterized by long sustains in the upper register. It is this style that distinguishes him from other mainstream Sufi artists.

In this album, “Call of the Soul”, Raza Khan creates an ambiance of devotion through three unique Sufi Kalams (Songs). Each Kalam differs from the other but ultimately all connect the listener with the supreme power. His music makes use of instruments such as the Harmonium and Tabla while rhythmic claps are used as embellishments. The compositions in this album are semi-classical in nature and have been improvised upon and performed by Raza Khan himself. Raza’s objective is to create his own variation of traditional art and continues to work towards this endeavor.