About Rawanhatta

It is one of the oldest and most rare string instruments in India. Rawanhatta is a two string stick fiddle from the Northwest of the subcontinent and is made of a long piece of bamboo that is set into a dried coconut shell. The coconut acts as a resonator and is covered in skin. The Rawanhatta has one melody string that is made from horse hair; this comprises the main string of the instrument. The instrument also has a single metal drone string and a number of sympathetic strings that create the humming sound when it is played. The bow that plays the Rawanhatta has a number of small bells attached to it and this arrangement provides the rhythmic accompaniment to the instrument. At times the bow and the instrument are decorated with tassels and colorful thread bands. Bhopa singers use the Rawanhatta to sing the epic tales of Pabuji, a fourteenth-century legend.


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