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As varied and as fantastic as Indian instruments can get the Bhapang is made of the hollow shell of the dry pumpkin called the Tumbi. The interesting process that goes behind making the instrument involves cutting the base of the shell and mounting it with the dry goat-skin. The Bhapang has a string fixed at the center of the skin that is alternately tautly stretched and relaxed by the player when playing the instrument. The player runs his fingers on the strings to produce pleasing sound variations. This rare single-stringed percussion instrument is used as an accompaniment for vocal performances. The Bhat community of Rajasthan plays it during Marwari folk song renditions, while the Mev-Muslim Jogi community uses it as an accompaniment to the Mevati style of singing. During the folk tale and spiritual compositions of the wandering saints, the instrument is complemented with strains of the Jogia Sarangi.


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