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The Gurmat Sangeet Tradition of Punjab belongs to the genre of Sikh devotional music. Eulogies are sung in the Pwadhi tongue and Dilruba/Taus, Tabla, Rabab, Swarmandal, and Harmonium are played for the recital. A presentation of Gurmat Sangeet, which is an amalgamation of Indian classical music and folk tunes, is called ‘Shabad Kirtan Chowki’. The term Shabad refers to the holy hymns of the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh Holy Book) while the Kirtan refers to a Sikh Devotional song. All Gurus from the first, Guru Nanak to the tenth and last, Guru Gobind Singh developed and perfected the Shabads and the Kirtans that accompany them. 


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