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The Bheel tribe, one of the oldest inhabitants of southern Rajasthan is the proud owner of a heritage handed down by many successive generations and comprising of tribal rhapsodies, richly tinted with complex and alluring harmonies. The devotional music they come to create in the social collective pays obeisance to a pantheon of Hindu gods and at the same time is celebratory in emotion. Music is created from objects in immediate vicinity like the metal plates used for eating, ankle bells (ghunghroo) and simple instruments like Jhanjh, Manjeera, and Medal. The Bheels, traditionally are hunters and gatherers and the unpredictable nature of this existence creates a greater need for intensified social interaction that can give rise to a sense of belonging. Gavri Nritya, a semi musical and theatrical religious ritual exclusive to this tribe of Mewar province, beautifully fulfills this need as the villagers celebrate it across a forty day period during the rainy season. It is dedicated to goddess Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva) and alongside that many other stories that narrate the valor of local deities and Hindu Gods like Ganesha, Krishna, Radha and Amba ji are enacted. Animal masks and colorful costumes define the performance that is punctuated by soulful bhajans- devotional singing and encourages mass participation.


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