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The tapestry of folk music would be incomplete without multiple kinds of musical story telling that comprise it and add a distinct hue to its richness. It is not uncommon to find on an Indian roadside or in a fair, a solo performer with a stringed instrument in hand and singing of historical and mythical legends that have been orally passed through the generations. Popular folk lore such as those of a king in a bygone era or stories from the Puranas and the Epics and those centered around various Gods and Goddesses belonging to the Hindu pantheon are the common themes of these performances. With the Ramta Jogi (wandering saint) cults the renditions acquire a philosophical edge and profound spiritual thoughts are conveyed in simple stories. Right from the enunciation with a sound produced by blowing into the hollowed out horn of a local animal to the addressing tone of the singing, a folk tale rendition continually attempts to summon and fixate the audience within a story rather than being just a performance. All across the country a Bhapang (rare single stringed percussion instrument), Jogia Sarangi, Dholak and Harmonium and many other kinds of instruments are used for such rhythmic and episodic recitals.


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