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A flamboyant form of oral history that originated deep within the mystifying regions of Central Asia, Dastaan is a distinctive variant of poetry that means a fable in Urdu. Sung to the accompaniment of a variety of instruments like the Harmonium, Tabla, Dholak and Khanjeera, Dastaan is narrated like a poem. It is always set to differing rhythms and is more dramatic than a Hindu folk tale rendition which usually has a repetitive cadence. The lead vocalist ends lines at a note that inspire interest, accompanying vocalists sing in chorus to assert continuity and episodes are brought to a close in a distinct manner manifest both in singing and music to clearly punctuate the presentation. Performed by the Langa and the Para Muslim community, the most interesting aspect of the Dastaan style is that it forms a means of educating the people about time-honored beliefs in an entertaining manner and also address the happenings in the present social context. Dastaan style of music was used by the celebrated Sufi believer Ahmet Yesevi in order to propound profound philosophical teachings. Usually, a Dastaan performance takes place over a period of few hours and is an enticing polarity of the folk art forms which carries within it the history of a people and all the influences that came in over time to give them the character they have come to possess.


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