About Bhangra

Bhangra is one of the most famous dance forms from Punjab both on the national and the international circuit. Known for its festive, up tempo Dhol beats, the steps which are defined both by high energy dynamics and grace and the vibrant costumes, the Bhangra, and its more informal free style versions have come to be a part of most festivities all across north India. The Bhangra originated in the fertile fields of Punjab where performers would tie Ghunghroos to their waits and dance to a slow tempo mimicking the actions of farmers working in the fields and sowing, plowing and harvesting in succession.It has always been a celebration in remembrance of the previous year’s harvest and an offering of prayer in hope of a successful year ahead. Over time there has been an increase in the pace of the music and the complexity of steps.Traditionally Bhangra that was synonymous with the season of harvest would start a month before Baisakhi, ultimately culminating at the festival but now is performed all the year round, more for the purposes of performance than for celebration.


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