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The Mevati style of music was interpreted in a unique manner by the Mev-Kumhaar community belonging to Eastern Rajasthan and that resulted in the creation of the genre of Bhaktaon. It is a type of devotional music that is dedicated to the praise of Mother Goddess to seek her blessings and performances at times, go on through the night as devotees sing in gay abandon. Originally, it was this genre with which started the tradition of Raat Jagaran(devotional performance all through the night) with the purpose of disseminating information about the source and process of origination, evolution, and existence of ‘Earth’. According to this tradition, Lord Shiva was the creator of this planet. Only on some occasions sung by a solo performer, Bhaktaon usually is a group presentation which has a lead vocalist and backing vocalists who sing in chorus to accentuate the feel of paying respects. Largely a continuous repetitive rhythm defines the renditions and the ‘Shakti’ or the female principle of existence is worshipped, though references to other gods such as Ganpati or Shivji are also made. A Tabla, Jhanjh and Manjeera are played during the singing. The percussion in a Bhaktaon performance is light handed and even in tempo generating a profundity and depth in sound adding to the spiritual flavor of the genre.


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