Gangabai Kamad

About Gangabai Kamad

Terah Taali is an ancient dance performed to appease the local deity of the Kamad community known as Baba Ramdeo. Ganga Bai and her dancers produce and move to the reverberating sounds of Terah, or thirteen cymbals (Manjeeras), that are fastened to their waist, wrists, elbows, and hands.  It is almost impossible to say whether the dance is being performed to music or it is producing music by way of its dynamics. Visually striking aspects of Terah Taali performance are the balancing of multiple pots placed the dancers head, holding a sword between one's teeth, or lit oil lamps on one's palms, or dancing on upturned glass tumblers. Ganga’s husband’s fingers speak of the years they have strummed Tambora, while her son vividly strikes Dholak drum, and peace on Gangabai’s face as she strikes cymbal after cymbal is reminiscent as this art is - for them - a way of simple and beautiful life.