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Raza & group performed on 21st June 2014 at Fez Festival in Fez, Morocco.Raza represents Sufi tradition, in which music is a way of achieving a personal connection with God. He sings in Urdu and Punjabi and his wide vocal range, which stretches from lower register to falsetto, allows him effortlessly to match the upper and lower range of the harmonium. Not only vocal scale, but his ability to modulate his voice and pass easily between different ranges, sets him apart from other Sufi artists in the world. By composing simple, but intense music Raza intends to engage the audience and shares his profound spiritual experience with his listeners. He has been performing on big scenes in India since 1994 and recently begun to perform at international platforms(Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland). The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music and forum created in 1994 and 2001, is in a scholarly, artistic and spiritual tradition of the city.The Fez Festival in 2001 was appointed by the United Nations as one of the major events that have contributed in a remarkable way, the dialogue of civilizations.Several other cities such as Milan, London or Madrid have become the desired relay to extend the message of the Festival and Fez Forum: the dialogue of spirituality through music, creating a culture of peace promoted by globalization plural, respectful of ethical and spiritual values.