Papier Mache Craft

Paper pulp and fuller's earth clay mixed together produce ethnic looking paper mache. On the outskirts of Palai village, Tonk City lays the foundation of rural craft research and development. Here, local village folk practice paper mache craft form to help conserve local art along with supplying them with a means of livelihood.
These lightweight chemical free pieces are uniquely crafted. Paper pulp is firstly applied onto steel utensils that are used as home molds to create these utility products. 3-4 layers of fuller's earth clay are then spread onto the paper pulp structure. Since pure paper pulp has a high water content, the products are thoroughly sun dried. The paper mache once dried easily comes off the mold without any effort. Since the molding applications are done by hand, a lovely unevenness and quirkiness are adapted into the products, which cannot be found in factory created paper mache products. The final product is 100% biodegradable.
Made from pure paper pulp, these utilitarian paper mache products also come with delightful hand paintings from different Indian painting schools such as Gond and Mithila.