Lifestyle Stationery

Art, when amalgamated with commodities makes them a 'thing of beauty', and helps add joy to our lives. It is this belief that forms the driving thought behind our series of hand crafted stationery products. Our range includes bookmarks, post cards, greeting cards, folders, planners, journals, scrap pads, note pads, notebooks, plain diaries, and memo pads.
These products have been crafted with utmost sincerity, immense attention to minute details, and acute focus on quality. The artwork has been carefully curated and further makes each product a token of Indian culture. Visuals have been inspired by Indian countryside living, and lifestyle of tribals and various other communities. These illustrations have been carefully gathered over a period of 10 years during research and project trips.
Each of these items can be used personally to add color to your daily routine, or shared with friends who would enjoy a pleasant burst of themes and colors. These pieces remind us that art does not just have to be restricted to a museum or fair.