The beautiful Indian hand woven Kantha stitch patterns lend a natural charisma to the fabric altogether. This product range takes style and substance beyond the borders.Kantha said to have originated in Bengal is considered as the oldest form of Indian embroidery as it has been around for centuries. It involves simple, running stitches filled inside a design. Different shades of thread, double or single, are used aesthetically to create products such as blankets, sarees, scarves, stoles, mats, bags and purses.
The thought behind this needlework was to reuse old clothes and turn them into something new. Traditionally, women would take 4 to 7 old sarees or patched fabrics and layer them together. They would create different running stitches on them and use the soft blankets to cover their newborn baby's cradle. The biggest source of inspiration behind this craft is day-to-day life. The motifs designed are of birds, animals, folk scenes, fishes, floral and geometrical shapes and other imagery-depicting livelihoods of the local people. Many Kantha wall hangings have lovely narratives embroidered on them.
Being an accessory in itself, a Kantha product does not require any additional embellishment and is adaptable to any occasion. It truly marks a flair for style in any individual who wears or uses it.