Kansa Vessels

Made of finest food grade Kansa (Bronze), these kitchen and dining vessels are an alloy of Pure Copper (79%) and Pure Tin (21%). Millennium-old traditions consider this composition ideal for eating. Lifestyle and utilitarian Kansa objects, beautifully simple, these utensils have been handmade in India. Perfect for serving any liquid or dry food these vessels boast a hand sculpted, natural and fired patina on the surface. Kansa or Bronze ages beautifully and are ideal objects for decor as well. These also makes a wonderful gift for your loved ones. 

According to Ayurveda, eating and drinking from alkalinizing metals vessels like Kansa has tremendous health benefit. Kansa serveware has been used by generations in India for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is believed that the alkalinizing effect on water and food stored in Kansa vessels nurtures red blood cell formation, regulates thyroid gland functioning and strengthening bones. Ancient Ayurveda practitioners used Kansa utensil to improve the immune system, collagen formation, stimulate bile secretion from the liver and increase peristaltic movements and cure constipation. Use of Kansa vessel for eatables was reputed to support adrenal gland functions, reduce fatigue & treat skin problems, improve digestion, support hair growth, treat insomnia and also cure intestinal parasites. 

These products are equally valuable even after damage as our Kansa metal is easily recyclable. These are highly durable, corrosion resistant and suitable for daily use. These vessels are completely lead-free and food safe. These are also wear and tear resistant and heat resistant so you can serve hot and yummy food without a worry. 

Our Kansa vessels support and empowers artisans and preserve the rare craft of making Kansa utensils in India.