Hand Hammered Brassware

Add some earthy glow to your home with these fired hand hammered brass metal utilitarian vessels. The Hindu artisan community of 'Thathera' mainly found in Northern India craft these utensils. Also called 'Kansari', this landless community is involved in metal art work like brass, bronze, aluminum, and copper. They claim to have been Rajputs, who abandoned their traditional occupation to manufacture silver and gold coins. Many Hindu Thatheras also emigrated from Pakistan during the partition in 1947, resulting in a cultural exchange between India and Pakistan.

Using traditional techniques, the metal plates are first welded in certain cases then hammered into pots, platters, vessels and other utensils. The final piece has to go through delicate welding and riveting processes, gentle heating by hand operated bellows and skilled hammering. The brass platters are then beautifully adorned via hand paintings by artisans from various painting schools such as Gond and Mithila.

These vintage looking vessels create an Indian rustic charm and will give visual intrigue to space. The surface finish and look of these hand hammered baked utensils will remain the same for centuries to come. Use them for household food items, personal accessories or as decor.