Gudari Craft .

Gudari Craft

Hand quilted cotton padded Gudari mats bring together colorful fabric pieces to create a bright patterned rug that will liven up your mood. The mats are made of recycled clothes and hand stitched by rural women artisans from Gujarat and Rajasthan.
Indian quilting traditions are the oldest and most eclectic in the world, which sets them apart from other crafts. Indian quilts and quilt makers are part of a living tradition that goes back about 4,000 years. Many textiles and techniques have made their way into Gujarati and Rajasthani quilt making, which is firmly established in the region's culture. Mendicants and Fakirs used to make simple patchwork quilts to keep themselves warm in the winters. This eventually seeped into Indian mainstream culture. Local women started to collect scrap pieces of cloth and stitched them together to make patchwork baby blankets or quilts.
Gudari mats come in an array of colorful patchworks which signify the signals emitted by each color that affects the mental, physical and psychological state of a person. Our saffron mat represents purity and a quest for light while the green mat represents happiness and peace.