Desert Toys

Extending a rich traditional look, these toys made out of cotton cloth, dazzling 'gotta', and decorative local beads are eco-friendly. Their inspiration comes from the native apparel of the local desert gypsy folk and the toys come in various forms such as human figures, horses, and camels.

In Rajasthan & Gujarat, the craft of toy making dates back to prehistoric times. Handmade toy carts, and human, animal and bird figurines have been found through excavations in the area. Thar, also known as the Great Indian Desert is home to a varied wildlife population due to the diverse ecosystems that exist within it. The local tribes, religiously consisting of Hindu, Muslims, and Sikhs engage in animal husbandry, craft practices or trade.

Desert toys are quite distinct, as they have been designed with the craftsmen. They give a sense of being in the desert, with starlit nights and warm, sunny days. Being more than mere toys, these miniatures will bring you closer to the social and cultural practices of the Desert folk.