Chindi Accessories

Hand weaved by artisans in India, these Chindi rug accessories are made from recycled silk and cotton fabric remnants. The Chindi dhurries are so named as the weft strips are created by shredding of cotton fabric termed as Chindi. These rugs feature fabric rolls with natural tone threading & fringe.

Hippie rug products, the warm and vibrant colors of this range have a distinct natural look. The Chindi collection includes Laptop Case, iPad Sleeve, Toiletry Bag, Mobile Cover, Haversack Bag, Quilts, Bed Cover, Pillow Cover, Runner, Coaster and much more. Made from the textured rug with unique patterns, these products are durable to the touch and use. Chindi dhurries are most commonly used an item in the living room to a bedroom and very important use is seen in the prayer rooms.

History of dhurrie weaving goes back to ancient times when the concept of weaving had taken shape. These items of floor furnishing are manufactured in the villages and towns both for the household consumption and selling in the local market. Chindi dhurrie weaving is mainly practiced in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. The scrap cotton fabrics are picked up in bulk and shred into small strips on the hasia by women. These strips act as the wefts during weaving. Dyeing may sometimes be carried out of the cotton warp chindis. The horizontal ground looms, consisting of two wooden beams, to which the warp threads are attached, is used for making Chindi durries.

Over past few decades, the Chindi dhurries have been impressively influenced by the designers' intervention and a new range of concept in terms of sizes, colors, designs and forms have emerged.