Murra Lala Fafal

About Murra Lala Fafal

Murra Lala Fafal is a successive singer from a rural family of Marwada Meghwals, whose tradition of singing goes back 11 generations. In Kutch region as well as in many other regions, the traditional communities, children are taught to sing by older members of the family. Murra Lala started his musical education by playing Manjiras and singing. Already at the age of 16 has been acclaimed to be an exceptional musician.He used to perform only during festivals in Gujarat, but few projects he did with famous Indian classical and Bollywood composers, made his music more famous across India. He sings songs in Kutchi, depicting separations and reunions of lovers. His main inspiration are verses of Indian and Sufi poets (Kafi) referring to religion and attaining enlightenment, and devotional and philosophical themes of Bhajans.

Murra Lala Fafal lives his life singing all the time. His joyful spirit, the habit of making musical jokes and finding a song for every occasion make his performances one of the kind. Musicians accompanying Murra Lala play instruments like Santaar (string instrument), Ghada Ghamela (percussion instrument), Jodiya Pava (local woodwind instrument) and Manjiras. Together, expressing the essence of folk festive mentality, they create dynamic compositions while Murra sings in his characteristic, strong high-pitched voice. Murra Lala Fafal continues the tradition of his family not only by singing but through educating new generation as well. Performing on his 300 years old Santaar he is literally holding tradition and heritage of previous generations in his hands. Murra is aware of the responsibility coming from such a position and he is striving to pass the knowledge about his culture and music to his children and to everybody who is ready to get enchanted by his charisma and enormous mustache.