Multan Khan

About Multan Khan

Multan Khan belongs to the Manganiyar community from Rajasthan, which has lived for centuries on the patronage of the nobles and kings. They are Muslims by religion, but their patrons have been both Muslims and Hindus. Manganiyar music tradition of singing called Jangda is combining the folk and classical forms of the region. Over the years very versatile repertoire has been developed – themes of the songs vary from standard love and romance stories to topics such as day, all seasons, festivals, rituals and animals. The Multan Khan group sings in an emotive, high-pitched and expressive style, experimenting with a lot of rhythmic patterns in the space of a single song. Multan and Luna Khan sing in unison with the backing vocalists, which is a general defining characteristic of Manganiyar performances. Rustic vocals and the complexity of classical compositions accompanied by centuries old lyrics make for an extraordinary experience.