Harikesh Singh

About Harikesh Singh

The Sahariya Tribe is the last primitive tribe of Rajasthan. As a part of their rich culture, this community performs Swang Nritya, literally meaning drama and dance. Swang is a vibrant and full of live theatrical performance and it is being practiced by vivacious ‘Sahariya’ group from Shahbad village in Rajasthan, headed by Harikesh Singh. Dramas are depicting stories of Hindu gods like Rama, Shiva, Tejaji and sung along with folk songs like Fag, Rasia, and Langhuria with folk instruments like Harmonium, Nagri, Dholki, Majhira, and Ginghra. Dance is performed traditionally during ‘festival of colors’ (Holi) by a group of eight to twelve men and it involves theatrics, mimicry, dialogue, and imitation of different animals and characters. During their performance, the artists engage the audience with comic moments, teasers or questions. Sahariyas often use colorful body paints and face masks to depict different themes that are inspired by religion, mythology, and folklore.