Ghevaram & Jiyaram Bhopa

About Ghevaram & Jiyaram Bhopa

Pabuji Ki Phad, an ancient storytelling folk tradition performed by temple priests called Bhopas, consists of two important components - a cloth painting that serves as visual background as well as moving temple and indigenous and rare two-string fiddle called the Rawanhatta. This instrument, made out of dry coconut and bamboo with small bells adjusted, accompanies the legends sung by Gheva Ram. The performance is illustrated with beautiful painting being revealed in fragments by the soft light of a lamp. Both festal and devotional, story moves from one scene to another. It is believed that this ritual, performed since the 14th century for a local deity, wards off ill health and misfortunes. This episodic tribal tradition straight from Rajasthan is a combination of theatre, religious ceremony, and musical performance, but its main function is to enchant and teach the audience with the mythological stories, which are to be carried to next generations.