Balvinder Mast

About Balvinder Mast

True to his name, singer and musician Balvinder Mast (Mast in Hindi means 'fun’ or ‘cool') sings lively songs in the local Punjabi dialects following the festive beats of the Dholak and the Matka (percussion instruments) and the tunes of the Harmonium and Tumbi. His wide-ranging repertoire consists of spiritual Sufi compositions and traditional Lokgeet (folk songs) of Punjab and most popular of all, songs of love and separation. Tracing its origins to the songs of the farmers working on the fields of Punjab, his music has characteristic countryside flavor. Balvinder has been performing in India and across the globe for the last 20 years. His crisp voice is able to narrate all kind of stories with a zest and passion characteristic of his region. Love and romance motives find their intensive expressions in open-throated, deep voice of Balvinder accompanied by the most characteristic for Punjabi music high-pitched string instrument called Tumbi.