Babunath Jogi

About Babunath Jogi

Babunath Jogi hails from the Goraknath sect in a rural district of Eastern Rajasthan. Jogis from this sect go through the oral learning process as they follow the guru-shishya learning (teacher-student), unlike most other folk music where it is passed down in the family as a part of their heritage. At the age of 60, Babunath can effortlessly recite epics on Shiv, Gopichand, Gogaji, and many more Hindu and folk deities. Jogis, according to the traditions, are never invited to perform, but they travel to different places on their own to share their knowledge. Babunath Jogi true to his invocation is always on a move with little or no material possessions. He plays Jogia Sarangi and is accompanied by a Bhapang (rare single stringed percussion instrument). The mesmerizing melody of the Jogia Sarangi and the Babunath’s rustic voice can tell stories of Hindu deities, brave kings, and noblemen to any audience.