Aamin Khan

About Aamin Khan

Aamin Khan, a Mirasi Muslim hailing from the Shekhawati belt in Rajasthan, brings forth a paradigm of the colloquial flavor of devotional music in India. In setting the verses of Indian Saints to the sounds of Tandoora (single stringed folk instrument), Khanjeera, Harmonium, Khartal, Chimta, Dholak and Manjira he conveys profound philosophical thought through a sonorous rendition of his Bhajans. The most prevalent form of devotional singing across all Indian communities, Bhajans are sung in praise of saints, heroes, or deities whose exemplary lives and deeds are venerated within a social context. They are a musical enunciation of the eternal human wish to call out to the divine in worship, prayer or tribute. A solo performer, Aamin Khan, blends the clanks of the Khanjira and the Tandoora to celebrate the attainment of spiritual insight that for him is the very essence of life. In simple metaphors and similes, drawn from day to day existence, as is characteristic of Saints’ writings, the words talk of seeking reality through introspection. Singing in praise of the one, eternal, universal principle of being that is manifested in multiple ways, his compositions encourage one to seek godliness in every perceived thing. His haunting voice in accompaniment to the euphony of a folk rhythm comes to create a soulful experience of resonance with reality.