• Made from 100% recycled and layered textile, this limited edition mobile cover is perfect for carrying your mobile phones. The cover measures 5.50" by 2.5" inches (LW).

  • Hand quilted in early 20th Century, this is a restyled 'objet d'art' mobile case made from antique textile. Using the oldest form of Indian embroidery, this one-off piece has been intricately hand quilted using 6-7 patched fabric layers by countryside women of India. Slim and compact, it is ideal to carry your mobile phones without unnecessary bulk. It includes a well built off-white hanging strap. This vintage personal lifestyle accessory comes in multi-color and distressed look.

  • A lifestyle accessory, this quilted mobile cover is robust and stylish to carry your cell phones and it makes a personal style statement. The whole process of making this product is environmentally kind as well.

  • This product supports and empowers various underprivileged communities of India. It preserves the rare craft of recycling textile into a useful object in India.

  • Quality satisfaction and timely delivery are assured.


    Layered Textile

    100.00 Grams

    Length: 5.50 Width: 2.50 Height 0.00 Inches

    Dry clean only.

    We ship your order within two days.

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