Our Story

Founded in 2005, De Kulture represents a symbiotic relation between the cultural roots of our society and the technological advancement of the world. It is a platform to uphold essential human values and pass them on to the next generation through time-honored arts. We endorse long established performing arts and crafts that are invaluable to human beings through the promotion of artists and their communities in creative ways. We strive to provide them alternative means of support, thereby preserving the vast cultural heritage of India. Our creative and technical team comprised of talented and experienced professionals from varied fields such as Artistic Direction, Design, Research, Photography, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Administration and more.

De Kulture Works

At De Kulture Works, our objective is to produce, market and sell everyday lifestyle products that are amalgamated with beautiful Indian handicrafts. We believe that the beauty of art can be infused better in our lives by making it a part of things we use every day, rather than art just being restricted to a museum or fair. It is this sentiment that forms the driving thought behind our series of handcrafted products. We hope you will love our things of art, as much as we love making them!

De Kulture Music

De Kulture Music was founded to develop a meaningful entertainment resource that endorses artistic expressions of people in creative ways. We pursue the aim of preserving the authentic music of India by developing local music making practices. We work to proclaim music as a way of inspiring social inclusion, promote cultural diversity and nourish individual empowerment.
As a record label, De Kulture Music has been involved in research to identify unheard Artists and record, market and distribute their music.  At present, the company has a portfolio of 50 releases.  De Kulture albums offer a rich tapestry of music to its listeners. Our music repertoire features love, devotional, festive, occupational, wedding, union and separation songs along with narratives and authentic instrumentals. Our company is currently distributing the catalog through outlets globally and online retailers such Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, Napster and Rhapsody among others.
De Kulture is also a premium full-service Artist’s Booking Agency that represents the finest artists in the field of traditional music and dances of India. We specialize in research and identification of talented artists, selection of artists for international promotion, rehearsals for performance orientation, programming  musical arrangements for every concert, logistic arrangements for participation, assisting and facilitating artist travels, management of international tours & presentation of shows and workshops through artistic direction, sound and light arrangements, choreography and lyrical translations.  In past 8 years, we have represented our artists in various festivals across the world including Brave Festival, Respect Festival, Rozstaje Festival, Warsaw Cross-Cultural Festival, Houtfestival, Fez Festival, Music Meeting, Clandestino Festival, World Sufi Spirit Festival, TFF Rudolstadt Festival, Festival Musicas do Mundo, Blue Lotus Festival and venues such as RASA, Tropentheater, Muflon and many more in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Australia, Czech Republic, Morocco, Portugal and Sweden. Some of our most talented artists were selected to showcase at WOMEX and AWME lately. 
De Kulture Music also created Blue Lotus Festival. This Festival was organized to establish a much-needed platform for the expression and preservation of indigenous, folk and other hidden aspects of Indian culture. For more details log on to bluelotusfestival.com